Micro Sites

Micro sites offer big sales benefits in a small package

If you have a highly targeted message you need to get out to a niche market, a new product hitting the market or a special event to promote, micro sites and landing pages are the best solution.

In simple terms, a micro site is a website developed to target one particular product, service or sales campaign.

You want to capture visitors attention, concentrate it on the information that matters and ensure they know exactly what steps to take next. With a microsite, visitors get theĀ full impact of your marketing message, and you don’t have to risk it being diluted or lost as part of your main website.

A cleverly designed micro site or landing page gets straight to the nitty gritty and can sharpen your message, increase customer interest and boost your conversion rate.

Quality microsite design is less complex than a traditional website. They generally consist of only one to two pages with simple navigation and a strong call to action. So it stands to reason that a reduction in the size and feature set of a website makes them less costly to create. That makes it easier for your budget to accommodate specialised microsites for each campaign you run.

Big Ideas also designs landing pages that are customised to specific products, services or campaigns and work with PPC (pay per click) campaigns too.

We can help you go small to achieve big results and add a new dimension to your online marketing.

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